Create a Healthy-n-Green Bedroom Makeover – Help One Child – Educate the Community


 Create a Healthy-n-Green Bedroom Makeover     

Help One Child – Educate the Community

I write to you to ask for your support in sponsoring a project I am working on with the Broward County Public Schools.

I am co-founder of a non-profit, HealthyLiving Foundation as well as a licensed Interior Designer (Palm Beach County). I got involved with designing healthy interiors because I have two children with asthma. Through the years with my advocacy, I have partnered with others to educate about indoor air quality issues and the impact to our health. I was asked to be part of Broward County Schools Parent Asthma Workshop in giving a lecture on how to create and maintain healthy indoor air on May 8, 2010. I was also asked if I could give the winner of their Asthma Poster Contest a “healthy-n-green bedroom makeover” which will take place mid-June.

Asthma Facts:
Asthma is the number one serious chronic illness in children today. One in ten children presently has asthma, which is expected to rise to one in five by the year 2020. There are more missed school days because of asthma, and it is said to be cost 20 billion dollars to society in health and lost productivity. We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, and typically it is three to five times more polluted than outside air.

“Researchers are increasingly focusing on indoor air pollution as a leading contributor to asthma, particularly among poor inner-city populations.”
(Physicians for Social Responsibility)
Our children are more at risk because their bodies are still developing, they breathe more air per pound than an adult; their airways are narrower than an adults and they are closer to the ground where concentration of toxins is higher. Children are twelve times more affected than adults to toxic chemicals in dust. And, we are learning that daily exposure to even low-levels of toxins and allergens may actually help develop asthma.

Benefits of Sponsorship:
Creating awareness to asthma – Empowering our youth to be solution-oriented – Education on the health impacts and benefits – Social impact
• On site signage at the Parent Asthma Workshop.
• Recognition in media including BECON ITV.
• Listing of sponsorship level or donation on website link. This website will be used in media, partners and for continuing education.
• Platinum sponsor will have name on educational coloring books “Healthy-n-Green is…. Healthy Indoor Air” to be given to students at
workshop. They will also receive 100 educational coloring books to use in their own events.
• Gold and Silver sponsor to receive educational coloring books to use at their own events.
• More details of the marketing and media are available in the sponsorship package.

Overview of Bedroom Makeover
Listed below are the essentials to transform the bedroom to be healthy-n-green. These are suggestions, and the final makeover will depend on the needs of the winners’ room, as well as the contributions received. We appreciate all input and levels of sponsorship.
• Hard Surface Flooring – bamboo, cork, marloleum SPONSOR: FORBO, INC. LABOR: ECO-SIMPLISTA
• Painting of walls – SPONSOR: ECO-SIMPLISTA
• Furnishings – headboard, nightstand, dresser and possibly desk – no formaldehyde – environmentally friendly materials
• Bedding – new mattress and pillows encased in dust-mite protectors. All bedding to be organic and washable.
• Window treatments – simple, limited fabric
• Lighting – energy efficient
• Air Cleaning machine to show that proper maintenance is key to the overall long-term benefits
• Green Cleaners will eliminate exposure to VOC (volatile organic compounds)

This will be a great event to educate the entire community on the benefits of a healthy bedroom and educate about how easy it can be to make it “green” for our planet. We appreciate all donations, sponsoring, labor or other means. Thank you for your consideration and help in this event.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I have a complete sponsor package I can e-mail you to review.

Thank you for your commitment in the healthy and green movement.

Denise Robinette
561-743-1412 www.healthylivinginteriors www.healthylivingfoundation

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