I started designing “healthy” interiors over a decade ago for one reason my asthmatic/allergic children. Through my personal journey, I learned how important our indoor environment is in the “prevention” and management of asthma. I then began to investigate how I could make changes to an existing indoor environment and design “healthy” from the conception of a building. Along this journey, I found that through green choices, I could also lessen my impact on the global environment. I learned to be my own detective and to investigate the indoor environment and changes would promote healthy living. I learned that URWhatUBreathe™.

I am honored to offer this website as an introduction to HealthyLiving Interiors as well as act as a resource of information on HEALTHY-N-GREEN ™ interior design. As healthy conscious as we are, we live in a toxic world. Be an informed consumer, for you, your family and your employee’s health. Please let me know your questions and if you have any suggestions on how this website may offer you information. And we offer HEALTHY-N-GREEN ™ Evaluations, Consultations,
Education and Interior Design Services, and would love the opportunity to work with you.